About Susan Planck

Susan Planck Author and Bagpipe ExpertSusan Planck is as unique as her somewhat aimless wandering, whether as a teacher or with bagpipes. With her background as an elementary, middle, and high school teacher for over 30 years, with more than 30 different subjects under her command, she captivated children and adults as a classroom teacher as well as a bagpipe instructor and climbing instructor in her own Mt. Adams Wilderness Institute.

Attaining a lifelong dream of becoming a teacher and learning how to play the bagpipes shortly before she turned 40, she explored teaching many grade levels from kindergarten to elementary to middle to high school and adults. Susan enjoyed sharing the incredible mysteries of geography, language arts, history, and many other subjects with her students as well as the strange sounds of the bagpipes in her many travels around the country and world at large. She found nirvana in combining her loves of teaching, traveling, and bagpiping.

Moving to Colorado in 1985, she joined the City of Denver Bagpipe Band, an award-winning band that competed throughout the United States and Scotland. She quickly learned that bagpiping and teaching would change her life in ways never anticipated, including meeting her husband who was the pipe-major of the band.

Susan resides in Boulder with her husband, Andrew. They now spend time in their retirement from teaching (Andrew had taught French) mastering the Swiss alphorn.


Teaching the highland fling to students in Nepal