Have Books . . . Will Teach

Susan Planck, author, expert in bagpipesHow does a fresh-out-of-college woman approach her first teaching job? Persistence is needed, all through her career.

  • What does a young teacher do when high school students knock on her home with beer in hand?
  • How does a teacher adjust from teaching high school to teaching 3rd and 4th graders in a blink of an eye?
  • What does a teacher do when the administration at her school gives her five totally different classes to teach requiring different preparations, four of which she has no background for?
  • What does a teacher do when all her fellow teachers shame and cancel her when she stands up for her principles and refuses to join the union?
  • What is Critical Race Theory, really? And why are so many on polar opposites of the issues?


Join Susan while she develops from her own student days into trying to be the best teacher she knew how to be. The adventures include the joyous, the humorous, and the poignant journeys of a teacher.